Colour pervades life, stimulating the mind, vexing, and even pleasing at different times. For centuries man extracted colours from nature to identify and beautify his own culture and milieu. Preferences in colour observed in man-made environment, in garment, and in items of daily use reflect the psyche of individuals, and symbolises the aims of institutions, and even ideologies.

Colours used in consumer products must be fade-proof, enduring, and possess rich chromatic value to enrich its appearance. Consistency in hue of colour is vital in maintaining product consistency. To this end certain colours have been standardized globally by chemical specifications that classify them under numerical codes.

Colour Characteristics

AMI Pigments Pvt. Ltd. manufactures Pigment Violet 23, the carbazole dioxazine pigment for a host of applications in industries. Pigment Violet 23, classified under Colour Index CI 51319, is a bright strong violet pigment with exceptional fastness properties. Its applications include its use in the manufacture of coatings and inks, yarn, textiles, plastic and rubber. It value as a colorant in the manufacture of colour masterbatches is well known.

Ami Pharma, manufacturing Pigment Blue 15.0 and Blue 15.1 for plastic Masterbatches , fiber grade Masterbatches, textiles and paints industries

Ami Organics, manufacturing Pigment Green 7 for plastics, inks, paints and rubber industries.

Shree Industries, manufacturing Pigment Red 122 and Pigment Violet 19 for plastics, inks and paints industries.


Ami Pigments Group strives to fulfil local as well as global demand for Pigment Violet 23, Pigment Blue 15.0/15.1, Pigment Violet 19, Pigment Red 122, Pigment Green 7. At its state-of-the-art plants in Vatva, Ahmedabad, qualified professionals experienced in colour formulations work in a sophisticated laboratory to calculate, formulate and resolve specifications for the volume production.

Manufacturing & Testing

Ami Pigments Group manufactures Pigment Violet 23, Pigment Blue 15.0/15.1, Pigment Violet 19, Pigment Red 122 and Pigment Green 7. Testing for colour fastness, thermal reactions, chromatic value, chemical and soap/detergent fastness etc. is conducted on random samples before packaging. Strict global norms are observed in maintaining technical specifications. Statutory Pollution control is observed and environmental responsibility discharged with scrupulous care.


  • Pigment Violet 23 manufactured by Ami Pigments Pvt. Ltd. is marketed under the brand name Amilite Fast Violet.
  • Pigment Blue 15.0 and Blue 15.1 manufactured by Ami Pharma is marketed under the brand name Amifast Blue 15.0 and Amifast Blue 15.1.
  • Pigment Violet 19 and Pigment Red 122 manufactured by Shree Industries is marketed under the brand name Amilite Red and Amilite Pink.
  • Pigment Green 7 manufactured by Ami Organics is marketed under the brand name Amifast Green 7.
  • The Company is already into exports, marketing Pigments to USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Taiwan, Singapore, Brazil, Sri Lanka, African Countries, South Africa, Middle East, Sweden, Columbia, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico and Canada.